Organic Therapy Program (OTP)

On Hold During Vets Place Central Construction

Organic Therapy is the participation in horticultural activities to achieve the improvement of mental, physical and emotional well being, the process itself is considered the therapeutic activity rather than the end product.

Horticultural therapy helps improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills, and socialization. In physical rehabilitation, horticultural therapy can help strengthen muscles and improve coordination, balance, and endurance.

In vocational horticultural therapy settings, people learn to work independently, problem-solve, and follow directions.

Beehive at the Organic Therapy Project

Thanks for Charlie Koenen and Bee-evangelists, The Organic Therapy Project now has a beehive to provide education for our vets about the importance of pollinators as well as workshops dedicated to bee keeping skills.

The hive and garden work together and have a symbiotic relationship, supporting each other allowing both to flourish.