VETS Place Southern Center

21425 Spring St., Cottage 16
Union Grove, WI 53182
(262) 878-9151

VPSC is a 30 bed transitional living facility for homeless veterans with full wrap-around programming and services.

All veterans who live in CVI residential facilities enjoy a wide breadth of support services: supportive services

For more information send an email to, or call (262) 878-9151

  • August

    Sad that the veterans have to be warehoused, denied human rights, and treated like prisoners at this place.

    • Bob Thomas

      sad that someone isnt doing there job in wi. …More worried about HILARY

  • August

    Are these buildings housing the veterans going to magically disappear? Oh, that’s right…the veterans have to be babysat 24/7, treated like prisoners, and not allowed any human dignity, or be trusted.

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