Substance Abuse (Alcohol or Other Drugs)

Some of us drink to forget, or we use another substance, or all of the above.  The polite term is we “self-medicate.”  The result can range from dysfunction to premature death.  Deciding to get control over the drinking and the drugs opens the door to the fight of your life.  We will stand by your side as you fight the battle.  We have substance abuse counselors who will work with you, and supportive programs to remind you that success is possible.

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  • rejco

    Why can’t the veterans drink responsible is they choose to?

  • Pmolina56

    some, veterans cant drink because they are alcoholic. Some can drink becaue they are not alcoholic and they drink responsibly. No one is saying that a veteran cant drink because they are a veteran. If drinking alcohol results in trouble then stop drinking long enough to get an assessment.

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