Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

One of the central characteristics of armed conflict is “loss of control.” Combat may rank second only to death in terms of experiencing a loss of control. Many of us, in the midst of a fire fight, have implored God to, “Please get me out of here!” Even if we escape without a scratch, the specter of impending disaster may haunt us for years, invading our thoughts, causing an unwanted emotional response and disrupting our lives.

Beyond counseling and traditional treatment avenues, CVI helps those afflicted with PTSD re-establish a feeling of control over their lives through innovative initiatives like our Organic Therapy Program. Gardening rewards control, particularly self-control, plus it breeds success. Planting a seed is an investment in the future.

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  • gringajulie

    Has your group investigated the healing properties of “tapping” also known as “EFT” (Emotional Freedom Technique)? The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, and those to whom he has taught the “tapping” technique have had good results in helping veterans with PTSD. Tapping can also be useful in dealing with addiction and emotional issues in particular. It is similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. I am no expert in this, but I hope that your people in charge of working with various emotional issues that a veteran may face have investigated the benefits of EFT. It is free, easy to use, and can bring great healing results.

    • Alison

      Good Call! There are also a LOT of grants to provide yoga as another alternative source of treatment for PTSD as it is found VERY effective- especially if done with a certified yoga therapist (500 hour IYT). The most effective I have seen and experienced would have to be TRE (c)- Trauma and Tension Relief Exercises.

  • Samantha Martin

    What is CVI?

  • Crisstyna O

    Seeking participants (men and women) in Texas, California, DC Area, Colorado and Florida. -We need 5 more women (Airforce, Navy or Coast Guard) The study consists of online focus groups to gather feedback on online self-help services provided by the Veteran’s Administration. Those selected to participate in 3 sessions will be compensated up to $300. The first session is in late February. REGISTER HERE>> MORE INFO COVALLE@MERKACONSULTING.COM

  • Christina

    Hello! Has there been any success with using Internal Family Systems Therapy or Neurofeedback Therapy? It has definitely been helpful for many background with PTSD.

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