Mental Health Issues/Depression

“Depression” can refer to a broad spectrum of conditions and associated symptoms, and it typically is associated with a variety of contributing circumstances such as lost or troubled relationships, grieving, health and economic challenges, stress, substance abuse and more.  Sorting through cause and effect can be difficult, even for health providers with specific expertise in diagnosis and treatment.  Our role is to provide a safe and supportive environment, as well as mental health resources that will help veterans deal with depression and its side effects.

Of course there are other psychological symptoms and conditions that may be impacting your life. Many behavioral and/or mental disorders can be addressed within a safe and supportive environment, whereas living on the streets makes dealing with these challenges even more difficult or impossible.  If you feel as if you are out of control or out of touch, seek help.  We will do what we can to help you.  Tell us what’s going on.  If you can’t tell us, there are other agencies that can help you as well.  You don’t have to struggle alone.

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