Homelessness/Housing Concerns

Homelessness is the primary condition that brings veterans to CVI. Getting veterans into a safe and supportive environment is a critical first step in helping a veteran address the range of issues that may be on his/her plate. CVI helps veterans get at the underlying causes on the road to independence and self-sufficiency. Think of CVI as a safe harbor on your journey toward life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. CVI operates transitional and permanent housing facilities across Wisconsin.

  • Michaellemos88

    i need help

  • Icook8495

    I wanted to find out when you had intake, are there certain time of days that I can come for such a thing what is the procedure for that.

  • Anonymous

    can i just go in to office on court street without appt. to see a case manager

  • Cornellstall

    can veterans qualify for scatter sites

  • Mark_Larsen

    I’m a veteran with cancer. It is terminal. I’ve been trying to get social security disability and have been turned down 3 times. I’ve run out of money and need help especially with rent and food. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • rejco

      They will only help you if you are willing to be labeled for life as a CRAZED DRUG ADDICTED ALCOHOLIC and convert to their 12-Step religious AA/NA cult, otherwise you’re on your own….

  • Nextstephouse

    We have a 6 bed, fully furnished sober house for men who have successfully completed AODA treatment in Shorewood ,WI — with 2 available beds. Absolute sobriety is required at all times. This is an independent living residence. Close to bus lines, grocery shopping, library, park, and community recreation center.

    Rent is $450/month and includes a single or double room , all utlities, washer/dryer, cable TV, internet, telephone.

    Contact Next Step – Sober House for Men
    Call 262.268.0266 for an application

    • Patrice Bond

      I am a Contracting Officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are looking for this type of program. Does your facility have an automatic water sprinkler system?

      • Nextstephouse

        No — sorry.

        Don Myles

    • rejco

      Sounds like a PRISON; how horrible for the veterans who stay there and be subjected to those extremely offensive 12-Step religious AA/NA cult “Higher Power” nonsense 24/7.

  • Loveangel2118

    My husband served in the army for 7 years, and got out on an honorable discharge. We have three children, and right now we are homeless. We were living in Colorado and had gotten a house, but got kicked out, and to make matters worse he lost his job that he had gotten after he got out. Our life is not going well, and we need help. I had to drive out to ny with our three children by myself so I could stay with my mother for a short time, but it’s way to expensive here, and I can’t afford anything. And on top of all that because he is the and we are here, our marriage is falling apart. We need help really bad. I have been all over countless websites, to talk to anyone that can give me some advice and help me out. I’m not just looking for a handout, I’m just really desperate for some help.

  • rejco

    It’s sad Homeless American Veterans can’t be IMMEDIATELY placed into real housing.

  • Sean

    I am not a veteran. I am real estate developer. Is their any option for a vet to get regular housing. Without having some Cancer or addiction? Maybe like a Veteran that has been wounded and on disability and just needs something where he can lead a normal life. Do any of these programs offer relocation? It seems all the programs I have been researching are for the exceptions and not the majority

    • rejco

      They do not; all homeless veterans are labeled for life, in their medical records, as “CRAZY, ADDICTED, and ALCOHOLICS” in all VA funded programs.

      Just ONE BEER in your life gets you labeled a FULL-BLOWN STREET-GUTTER DRUNK.

  • rejco

    CVI’s “Safe & Supportive Environment” means a PRISON-LIKE & ALL-CONTROLLING shelter with no privacy allowed.

  • Carol

    What help if any is there for female Vets? I have called and left messages for the homeless worker at my local VA hospital but he never has returned my calls. I have been sick since 2007 and have trouble holding down a job due to my illness. And yes when I was younger I drank and did drugs. And partied in the Army. My brother gets VA disability for going through the lock in program at our VA Hospital. And he got a general discharge that he got changed to honorable. I have 2 honorable discharges that didn’t need to be changed. But not going to do a lock in program for addiction as I do not do drugs or alcohol now. I do have a glass of wine now and again. Which when you don’t have money means not at all. So if there are any programs in California for a female vet please comment here and I will see it.

    • rejco

      If you do not convert to the VA funded Poverty Pimp’s “Jesus Saves” & 12-Step religious AA/NA cult Drug & Alcohol treatment mandates YOU WILL BE left homeless on the streets.

  • arrowstraight

    rejco — Don’t know what your experience has been, but whatever it is, it’s left you bitter. It’s difficult to make progress with that attitude. Programs and organizations are set up that help many veterans in distress. Are you saying that no help is better than at least some help? My understanding is that places such as those of which you speak exist as a stepping stone to get vets back on their feet so they can go out on their own and be independent. In many circumstances, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. Have you actually participated in any of these programs to make such harsh judgments of those who are trying to help. Jesus saves? Yes — that’s why He came to earth — to die for all of us, no matter what our faith life might be. Hope you are getting the assistance you need to improve your life.

  • Stone Carter

    I do understand that cynicism is carried forward once that outlook on any stressful situation manifested without prospects and assistance. No one in this world is a rock. Cynicism is like any other social matter. Just don;t leave it unchecked. I have 2 three bedroom, one and one half bath town homes available for vets in Milwaukee, WI. If that can help anyone, male or female with families, contact me.

    • David

      Hey good afternoon. I have a friend in the Milwaukee area who is actually looking for a place to stay. is there any way I could contact you more personally or have an email address so that I could give it to her? I wouldnt feel right seeing your post and at least letting her know about it.

  • chembio54b

    I am a veteran that is homeless. I am currently employed and just need assistance finding affordable housing. I am not in a program because I found that would limit my work schedule and I dont anything to mess that up. so if there are any resources please contact me. my email is

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