Disability Issues

CVI is also able to assign you to a caseworker who will help you tap-in to disability benefits. Additionally, we are headquartered near the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. We provide transport and assistance to and from the center for our veterans on a daily basis.

  • Daniel Jon Morrison

    how do I find a ride to get other places, such as grocery store, etc,, other then the va for my appointments. Any answers; please contact Daniel Morrison 0674 at 414-380-1955

    • Derick

      There are numerous non profits, including the Red Cross that can help facilitate transportation for veterans. Many are free and can make routine trips given a good record of keeping appointments.

  • Rachel Rosebud Gomez

    Who do we contact after the VA has failed to treat a Veteran (beyond basic blood work and suggesting Vitamin D supplements), even after over 5 years of pleading for help? I am in disbelief at the inattentivenesss of primary care to Veterans who are barely hanging on.

    • Derick

      Contact a DAV representative. It’s free, assuming there was a general under honorable condition discharge. Or if there was one enlistment completed honorably. Also consider if the issue is a documented service related disability or injury.

  • Derick

    What can we do ( veteran) if we have been diagnosed with personality disorders and anxiety that is threatening our current job due to unexpected time off? It is related to the disorder that has been rated at a 30% disability by the VA, but we don’t have current medical coverage to seek assistance? Thus we cannot provide a medical record stating it’s for legitimate issues? Also to Segway to a different issue that is involved? We are working out of state where our home of record is? The other employees in the job (union) get 7 days of living expenses regardless if they attend work or not. As long as they remain where their current place of employment is. Can this said person that has taken “granted time off” still receive the living expenses if they cannot attend word for 3-5 days?

  • James koontz

    how do i raise my dissability from 70% to 100%

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