Disability Issues

CVI is also able to assign you to a caseworker who will help you tap-in to disability benefits. Additionally, we are headquartered near the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. We provide transport and assistance to and from the center for our veterans on a daily basis.

  • Daniel Jon Morrison

    how do I find a ride to get other places, such as grocery store, etc,, other then the va for my appointments. Any answers; please contact Daniel Morrison 0674 at 414-380-1955

  • Rachel Rosebud Gomez

    Who do we contact after the VA has failed to treat a Veteran (beyond basic blood work and suggesting Vitamin D supplements), even after over 5 years of pleading for help? I am in disbelief at the inattentivenesss of primary care to Veterans who are barely hanging on.

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