Our Story

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Center for Veterans Issues, Ltd. (CVI) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit veterans administration and management organization. CVI supports the concerns of all veterans by providing information, resources, identification of funding, technical assistance and organizational development to veteran service organizations. CVI also provides transitional housing to homeless veterans, while offering many services to help veterans transition back into the community.


The success of CVI’s Veterans Manor project has encouraged us to begin preparations for similar permanent housing developments for veterans in other parts of the state.  The need is great.  The model works.  Like Veterans Manor, similar multi-family projects will positively impact the lives of veterans and their families.  www.veteransmanor.com

CVI is also embarking on a multi-unit redevelopment project known as “Veterans Gardens.”   We are renovating a cluster of existing, foreclosed inner city properties, making them energy efficient, safe, clean, and affordable, while creating outdoor gardening and recreation spaces that will tie the properties to each other and to the neighborhood.

CVI’s Veteran Service Center is designed to deliver wrap-around services to vets and family members living in the community.  The goal is to intervene before homelessness becomes a reality, by delivering the required services while the vet is still making a transition back home after serving in the armed forces.

CVI’s innovative Organic Therapy Program will be expanded in the coming years beyond its core therapeutic mission.  By involving veterans in the OTP, we hope to help them develop and adhere to a more healthful diet.  Additionally, we will also make use of the program to teach gardening/growing/agricultural skills, helpful job habits, food preservation strategies, good nutrition, self-reliance and more.

In the Veterans Service Center and in our residential programs, CVI is expanding its offering of holistic health services including meditation and acupuncture.

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