Motivational and Self-Esteem Groups

Veterans enrolled in CVI programs are either on an employment track or a benefits track. Those who are seeking employment attend motivational groups, which help the veteran deal with rejection from employers. In order for the veteran to remain positive during the search for employment, this group therapy provides the veteran with a “job coach” who actively motivates the veteran to stay focused and keep trying. Veterans who are applying for benefits, or who may already receive benefits, may struggle with low self-esteem issues related to a disability or psychological issue. Mismanaged anger and rage is a major cause of conflict in these individuals’ lives.

The self-esteem group therapy offers anger management and problem-solving techniques to help the veteran cope with daily life. Please email K’uu Wamubu, or call (414) 345-3916 or (888) 393-4878 ext. 308, for more information. The Center for Veterans Issues is focused on helping veterans through a wide variety of programming. We understand your needs, and want you to know that you are not alone. At one time or another, the issues found below — and others — affect a great many veterans. If you are struggling, you should know that the people at CVI help Veterans like you every day. We are here to help you with issues that you may be encountering on a day to day or even longer-term basis: See Our Programs

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