Transitional Housing

Transitional housing programs assist people who are ready to move beyond emergency shelter into a more independent living situation. CVI’s transitional programs allow veterans to further develop the stability, confidence and coping skills needed to sustain permanent housing. Intensive case management makes the system work.

All facilities require that residents maintain a sober and drug-free environment. Residents may stay for up to 24 months. During that time, the goal is to get the veteran ready for work and the move to permanent housing.

Services provided to the residents include: Screening, security, transportation, health and mental health services, food and nutrition programs, individual and family crisis counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, job training and education, housing counseling, budgeting assistance, housecleaning, and tenant rights and responsibilities.

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The Center for Veterans Issues is focused on helping veterans through a wide variety of programming. We understand your needs, and want you to know that you are not alone.  At one time or another, the issues found below — and others — affect a great many veterans.

CVI provides a full spectrum of programs and services for veterans wishing to upgrade their interpersonal and job skills, seek benefits from the VA, receive counseling, and much more.  Programs and service offerings include:

– Veterans Benefits Services – Disability and Pension Benefits Preparation, Monitoring and Appeal
– Case Management
– Employment Preparation/Placement Support
Education and Vocational Training Services
– Mental Health Counseling & Services
– Housing Services
– Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counseling & Sobriety Maintenance
– Homelessness Prevention/Rapid Rehousing Services
– Food Services
– Incarcerated Veterans Services
– Peer to Peer Services

Supportive Services and Training include:

– Anger Management
– Parenting
– Stress Management
– Healthy Relationships
– Financial Literacy
– Health – Prevention and Wellness
– Basic Needs Support
Motivational Counseling/Mentor
– Time Management
– Home Management
– Computer Skills
– Interpersonal Communication Skills
– Personal Hygiene
– Child Support Remediation
– Transportation
– Legal Services
– Volunteer opportunities

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