Obama Administration Official Visits Center for Veterans Issues Discusses American Jobs Act and Veterans Employment

Dan Cruz (GSA), 202-441-0607,
Dawn Nuoffer (CVI), 414-342-3321

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, U.S. General Services Administrator Martha Johnson visited the Center for Veterans Issues Vet’s Manor to discuss the American Jobs Act and veterans employment. Administrator Johnson met with the Center for Veterans Issues principals, local veterans and businesses participating in veterans employment programs and discussed the provisions of the American Jobs Act for veteran employment and job growth in Wisconsin.

“The American Jobs Act will make an immediate impact on accelerating job creation and hiring in Wisconsin, especially for our returning veterans,” said GSA Administrator Martha Johnson. “We have an obligation to ensure that our veterans are able to succeed in the civilian workforce. The Center for Veterans Issues is going to great lengths to support local veterans in Milwaukee, and the American Jobs Act will help their veteran employment efforts.”

At Vet’s Manor, Administrator Johnson discussed details of the American Jobs Act, including the new Returning Heroes Tax Credit, a Wounded Warrior Tax Credit, and career-readiness programs for all service members. Additionally, Administrator Johnson talked with the Center for Veteran Issues principals and veterans about the success of their education training, and employment programs.
“Stable employment that pays a living wage is critical for the well-being of veterans and their families as they re-integrate back into general American life. It is the least we can do to repay the debt that is owed to them for their service and sacrifice,” said Bob Cocroft, President and CEO of the Center for Veteran Issues.

The Center for Veterans Issues is a non-profit organization with a long history in Milwaukee as a full service center for veterans. They help returning veterans with employment, housing, education, and various other services. The goal of the Center for Veterans Issues is to act as an advocate and address human afflictions affecting veterans, their families and the community through partnership with local, state and federal agencies and organizations.

As head of the federal agency responsible for $65 billion a year in government purchases, Administrator Johnson also underscored the steps the U.S. General Services Administration is taking to ensure that it is opening contracting opportunities to veteran-owned businesses as well as offering veterans employment opportunities within the agency.

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